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Nice days ahead on Lake Vermilion

Nice days ahead on Lake Vermilion should offer up some great fishing before the next round of rain comes our way.  We are in the thick of the end of the season wrap up, and will enjoy being outdoors the next three days when 60 degree temps tempt us to sneak out on the water.  BUT, the weather that follows later in the week will help keep us on task with rain and highs in [...]

October 7th, 2019|Fishing Reports|

The Sun Sets on another great Lake Vermilion season

The sun sets on another great Lake Vermilion season for us at Everett Bay Lodge.  Thanks to Brian Horn for sharing his timely photo! The last week of the season was a mix of guests taking advantage of the full week on the lake while others slipped away for a long weekend.  Those that spent the week experienced the usual fluctuations of weather with some great days competing with rainy days.  A few groups jumped [...]

October 1st, 2019|Fishing Reports|

September fishing action on Lake Vermilion

September fishing action on Lake Vermilion was best for walleyes, perch and some normally elusive crappies.  First for the crappies.  While they are most often caught in the early part of the season, a couple different cabins happened upon them.  They caught some nice sized ones in 30+ feet of water.  Several other guests caught some smallies remarking on the aggressive fight they offered.  Musky action was limited to seeing several but nothing in the [...]

September 23rd, 2019|Fishing Reports|

Lake Vermilion fall fishing news

Lake Vermilion fall fishing news included lots of chatter about the weather.  The past week tested everyone's perseverance.  Although we were happy for the rain, it didn't come at night like we hoped.  Rain suits were key.  Fortunately for many the bite was decent when they were able to get out. Doug Vieth and Larry Kopczyk had a nice outing early in their week catching a mix of walleyes and jumbo perch, including the 21 [...]

September 15th, 2019|Fishing Reports|

Labor Day week on Lake Vermilion offers up mixed bag

Labor Day week on Lake Vermilion offered up a mixed bag as the Lake Vermilion water temp has started its downward slide.  We got out yesterday and found the water temp at 56 degrees in Big Bay, two degrees lower than the day before.  So how did we do?  Well Dave caught his limit of walleyes and a few more small ones, his largest a fat 19".  Diane had limited success, with just one nice [...]

September 9th, 2019|Fishing Reports|

Where did August go? Lake Vermilion news from Everett Bay Lodge

Where did August go?  Seems like the 4th of July was just a few weeks ago, and yet we'll flip the calendar to September tomorrow.  And the walleye bite has picked up just in time.  We had a Lake Vermilion water temp of 63 degrees on the shaded side of Big Bay shoreline yesterday morning.  A check of the ten day forecast shows every day's high under 70 degrees.  If that isn't enough to convince [...]

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