Lake Vermilion December ice 2019 was getting a nice assist from some really cold temperatures the week before Christmas, but there remains a fair amount of slush in many areas, so please be cautious.  We had a good number of cold nights and single degree highs, but warmer than normal temps over the weekend made for some heavy wet snow.  Today’s couple inches was more heavy stuff.  There is another storm forecast for this weekend.  We really need cold temps to help freeze the slush, both on the lake and in some areas of the groomed trails.  Dave & Eric spent Saturday staking the east end of the lake with the Penguins snowmobile club.

Areas of 10+ inches of ice are commonplace, but large patches of slush are often not far away.  We are getting calls about ice roads.  Nothing plowed from the Everett Bay access.  Portables and sleds are the surest way to go, as 4-wheelers have had some issues with the deep snow and slush.  Vehicles have just started to make their way out onto the ice.  Might be a bit premature.

Eric and his buddy Ryan spent some time on the lake over the weekend, icing a few walleyes but definitely having more eelpout action.  The bite was not fast and furious, but they caught and marked enough to keep them out there.  The pictures above are Ryan with a few he caught and released.  Rainbows were the bait of choice.

It’s that time of year when families and friends gather for the holidays and put the wheels in motion for their 2020 trip north.  Those of you that favor “your cabin” for “your week” are encouraged to act soon as several late May and June time frames are filling up.  Follow this link to check out your desired dates and either give us a call or take advantage of the “Reserve this Cabin” tab on the cabin page.

As the year comes to an end, we want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who chose EBL for your Lake Vermilion lodging spot.  We enjoyed seeing you and look forward to another great show season when it kicks off in a few weeks!

Stop wishing…come fishing!