Lake Vermilion Pike River hatchery 2019 is off and running.  Day 1, April 20th, was largely dominated by thousands of pounds of suckers.  Day 2 finds the arrival of more walleyes in the nets.  This video gives you a glimpse of the early stage of sorting.  Many of the walleyes caught are “green” or not ready for the process to begin.  They are measured and funneled or tossed into the appropriate sorting carriages.   Many suckers have been gathered and will be for sale by the  Vermilion Lake Association tomorrow morning.

Are you interested in seeing more of the eventual process that will take place over the next several days?  If so, take a look at our video from last season that gives a pretty good view of what actually happens when the walleyes are “ready.”

As you’ll see, last year’s process took all of 3 days and had a later start.  Our May 4th visit was just in time to catch the last day.

The ice has cleared well past the houseboats and is making progress up Pike Bay.  We have over 50 feet of open water on our shoreline and the waterfowl have found it, making plenty of springtime chatter.

Thanks to the many DNR employees who spent their Easter morning taking care of our Lake Vermilion fishery.  We appreciate you!

Stop wishing…come fishing!