Lake Vermilion June fishing news includes the long overdue arrival of warmer temperatures.  The water temp is finally making its move up, with Everett Bay reaching 75 degrees after stalling in the 60’s for several weeks.  The night time lows are predicted to stay in the 50’s so it should help avoid those big overnight drops.  After another chilly start to the week, guests welcomed the arrival of some warm days, swimming in the pool and enjoying lots of outdoor fun.  We loved having some younger anglers with us this week – don’t know who’s happier when they catch – them or their parents!

yound girl holding Lake Vermilion walleye

          A nice PR!

Young girl holding Lake Vermilion walleye

      Family fishing fun!

Many guests had a successful week on the lake – a pretty good sign as for many it was their first trip to Lake Vermilion.  “Uncle Bill” revisited Lake Vermilion after a several year absence.  This time he brought his extended family up to enjoy the area, and in his words, they caught “tons of fish”.  He served as their unofficial guide for the week, and was successful in getting them on fish, taking a different group out every night.  They ate their fish and then reloaded to take some limits home to share with those who couldn’t join them.  The Lovell guys caught fish every day, with a huge muskie that grabbed a nice northern teasing them – until it straightened the one hook that was in it.

The Graczyk crew had their usual variety of fish: walleyes – smallmouth – largemouth – northerns ….  Here are a few of their pictures.

Man holding Northern pike

       June northern pike

Man holding Lake Vermilion northern pike

                          June northern 2019










We had a good number of guests using artificial baits, but those who opted for live bait found the leeches to again produce best.  Saw our first mayfly on our cabin screen Saturday, so it looks like the regular sized mayflies are starting to hatch.  It certainly wasn’t a main hatch  and today’s cooler rain will likely slow that down again for a few days.

Some of the fish we heard about this past week include:

  • Largemouth bass:  20″ Jerry Graczyk, 18″ Shawn McCoy
  • Smallmouth bass:  20.5″ Brian Whitmore, 19″ Jake Walker, 18.5″ Joe Haley, 18.5″ Nick Judy, 18″ Shawn McCoy, 18″ Joe Graczyk, 18″ Frank Graczyk
  • Northerns: 36″ Joe Graczyk, 34″ Joe Graczyk
  • Walleyes:  26″ Frank Graczyk, 25″ Bill Haley, 24″ Shawn McCoy, 24″ Billy Haley, 23″ Frank Lamie, 23″ Brian Whitmore, 22.25″ Jerry Lovell, 22″ Frank Graczyk, 22″ Jerry Lovell, 22″ Jeffry Lovell, 21″ Brian Whitmore, 21″ Doug Martini, 20″ Bradley Judy.

There were also reports of nice jumbo perch being caught – a nice complement to a skillet of fresh walleyes.  Speaking of “fresh,” kudos to those who manned the skillet duties for the many fish frys that took place.  Comments about the special flavor you get with “fresh from the lake” fish were plentiful!

As the month winds down, Cabin 2 a couple weeks from now is one of only 2 July spots left.  The other is a late month 3 night stay in Cabin 3, starting July 30th. In other news, the Tower, MN July 4th calendar of events is posted on their Facebook page – see it here:

For those of you die-hard musky people, here is a link you might be interested: .  Josh Borovsky knows his stuff – maybe subscribing to his weekly blog will at least help pass the days until your next Lake Vermilion outing!

Thanks again to all who spent this past week with us. Several of you mentioned plans to schedule a return trip next year.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Stop wishing….come fishing!