Lake Vermilion fishing news finds us at the end of July, with some guests working to catch their walleyes while others have capitalized on more cooperative bass.  Unfortunately last week was frustrating for several guests who found huge pods of fish on the screen that were less than eager to bite.  There were some who did well with limits of walleyes on crawlers, but more commonly it was a fish or two on a spot, then a move to another spot with hopes to find more aggressive biters.  We were hoping when a guest spent last Sunday primarily fishing one productive spot all morning with nice results of both slot fish and eaters, that would hold true all week – but things were still a bit tougher than we expect at this time of the season.  Lake Vermilion water temp has settled in at 74 degrees.

Both artificial baits and a leech with a slip bobber did well for smallies and casting shallow reeds and docks produced some nice largemouth bass and northerns.  The picture above shows the results of a nice day on the water for Tim Mark and his crew – walleyes for the skillet.  He also boated this nice one.

Man holding Lake Vermilion walleye

July walleye.

The other picture is of Soffia and her dad Joe, who said watching her battle that smallie on light tackle made his trip!  Families that were here to primarily enjoy the pool and water toys had great weather for that.   This past week we had many, many returning guests – some here for all of our 20 years at EBL.  We appreciate all of you and your long term business.  We are looking forward to seeing you again next year – same time …same place!

Some of the fish we heard about include:

WALLEYES:  25.5″ Chris Biermaier, 25″ Chris Biermaier, 22″ Eric Gooden.

SMALLMOUTH BASS:  191/2″  Bill Fitzgerald, 19″ Steve Kastens, 18″ Soffia Cieminski, 18″ Steve Kastens.

LARGEMOUTH BASS:  18″  Bill Fitzgerald.

The annual Fitzgerald contest just kicked off; it always provides some good humor as they re-hash their catch – and contest rule changes – at the end of the week.  There is always on spot on the annual greeting card at stake!

August options for short stays include one spot August 17th for 3 nights.  (The August 14th spot previously listed here is no longer available.).  There are 2 week long stays and a few short stays the week of August 24th, 3 spots for Labor Day, and a variety of options as September fishing heats up.

Stop wishing…come fishing!