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Crankin Continues

2011-08-30 Walleyes continue to be caught with shad raps on breaklines in 15-18 feet. Most in the 14-16 inch range. Great for the table. The weather has remained very pleasant. The water is down some 6 inches or so in the last couple of weeks. We could use some rain. Water temps are close to 70 still. Smallmouth bass have been caught off of shorelines in 10-11 feet. If a trip north is in your plans, give us a call… Read More »

Good Crank Bait Bite

2011-08-20 The walleye fishing continues to be very good with many eaters being caught on crank baits. The break lines have been working for us real consistently in 15-18 feet. Many fish in the 15.5-16 inch range with an occasional big one 20+ caught. Some times we stop and lindy rig a spot we mark fish on with consistent success. Small mouth bass have also been caught with this method. If a trip north is in your plans, give us… Read More »

Walleye Bite Improving

2011-08-08 Walleye fishing was good this past week. We caught them trolling cranks and lindy rigging. Plenty of fish for fish fries with some nice twenty + inch fish caught. Tyler Jerkovich caught a 21.5 and enough for a meal Sunday evening. The lake seems to be very healthy with various walleye sizes being caught consistently. Depths have ranged from 23-28 feet to 16-18 feet. Water temps have dropped some into the mid to low seventies.Muskie fishing has been erratic…. Read More »

A Good Muskie Week

2011-07-31 The muskie action improved this week. Justin Jaminski ended up boating 5 fish a 47.5, 44, 43, 42.5 and 38. Eric Larson boated six fish a PR 52.5, 48, 47, 46, 43, and 42. Most fish were caught on top waters, soft plastics and bucktails. On a reef last Sunday I boated a 47 with a topwater.Most of the walleye action came on crawlers in 20-26 feet. Doug Miller found fish and managed to release a 22.5. Trolling crank… Read More »

Muskie Action Heats Up!

2011-07-24 Muskie action finally heats up!!! After some stifling heat last week, the cold front and rain on Saturday seems to have opened the gates and the bite has improved. Bill Filer kicked things off with a 35 incher, and Mark Bergeron ended his week with a nice 42 who fell for the figure 8. Dave caught a 47 Sunday, and Justin Jaminski caught a 47.5 Sunday evening as well. Bass started to pick up later Sunday afternoon, and the… Read More »

Pleasant Weather

2011-07-14 What a difference in weather. We’ve had nice pleasant weather for the last two weeks. Some heat, but not to bad. The last couple of days have been in the low seventies and low humidity. Fishing has been up and down. The Saltarski’s did really well off the pontoon last week on walleye. They fished a main lake hump jigging mostly while anchored. Water temps are definitely in the 70’s now. Muskie have been going off and on in… Read More »

Wet Week

2011-06-27 In lousy weather, Jim and Chris Kotek spent a week catching plenty of “eater” walleyes and released bigger fish. They had several fish frys, and caught and released some nice bass as well. We look forward to their return in 2012 – year in and year out, they find a way to catch fish. The return of normal temperatures will bring more consistency to the bass fishing, and some of the best muskie fishing is coming. If a trip… Read More »

Mayflies Start

2011-06-19 The mayflies started to hatch this past week in Pike Bay and in our Bay. Walleye have been caught shallow in these areas on shallow running baits. Fish have also related to summer humps in 23-26 feet. Diane and I did quite well on leeches and crawlers.  Patience has been the name of the game, as nearly everyone is marking plenty of fish, but  the key has been being there at the right time!Smallmouth have been caught in shallow… Read More »

Walleye Bite Improves

2011-06-09 Even Diane and Val caught fish this week. The walleye bite definitely improved with most fish being caught deep in 30-36 feet off Spider. The shallow bite in 5-6 feet has also been good in the evening.  At any given time you can walk across the property and likely be distracted by the aroma of someone’s fresh fish fry.  A short stay this past weekend was enough for one group to eat fish here and take their limits home… Read More »

Memorial Day Weekend

2011-05-29 Memorial Day Weekend brought sporadic weather and fishing as well.  While everyone who went out caught fish, much of Saturday was spent looking up at the clouds trying to decide how much time there was between stormy bouts.  Both the fishing and the weather were more cooperative on Sunday.  Jessie Carlson, of Burnsville, caught and released a nice 28.5″ walleye, and the rest of his crew up in the big house caught enough for each guy in the boat… Read More »

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