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It’s Hot

The weather has been extreme this season so far. Now we’ve been hit with high 80 degree temperatures. My son Eric has been doing well on summer walleye reefs in 20-30 feet. A Lindy rig and a crawler seems to be doing the best. Jeff Juday has been casting cranks for smallmouth this week and has been doing well in shallow water. Jerry Lovell had a PR with a 53 inch muskie right before he left last Saturday on a topwater…. Read More »

The Lake is Full

We have high water. Didn’t get the rain that Duluth did. But,, we still added a few inches here, and the grounds are soft. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the lake this high in late June. We’re supposed to start to dry out now for several days. Walleye fisherman have done well this week on shallow rocks and North of Pine Island. Leeches and crawlers have produced the most fish either with Lindy rigs or bobbers. Some northern have… Read More »

Weather Up and Down

The weather has turned to an up and down affair. The barometer has been a yo-yo for the last five days. As a result, the fish have followed the same pattern, good some days, disappearing the next. Water temps moved way up into the seventies only to drop substantially after the coolness set in. Walleye have been caught on reefs and shallow rocks. Leeches, crawlers and minnows have been successful. Smallmouth bass appear to done spawning. They’ve slowed somewhat this week. I… Read More »

Smallmouth Bass are Heating Up on Lake Vermilion

Smallmouth bass action is getting really hot. Fish are prespawn still. We pitched 1/8 oz. jigs and leeches on points and rock spots. Some very nice large bass are common. Walleye action has been steady lately with many fish caught on leeches and bobbers and trolling crank baits in shallow water. Water temps are now in the low sixties for the first time. Looks like were going to have some continued great weather. If a trip is in your plans… Read More »

Perhaps the Wettest May on Record

Fish fry season is upon us! While the windows of time without rain were limited, those who ventured out were rewarded for their efforts. It’s been a stretch of wet socks and boots in front of the heater, but nice eater walleyes with some bigger ones that were released. Eric took Val out and her first fish was a 24″ walleye. Why is it the person reading the magazine gets the fish???

Hot Summer Weather Arrives Early

Walleye reports are stating that fish are being caught off the mud in deep water southwest of Spider Island in 30-40 feet. Minnows almost exclusively are being used with success. Other mud flats are producing fish as well. Water temps have risen into the sixties. We could use some rain. It has been about 10 days since it rained, and the dam is now just barely flowing. May your pole always be bent. Dave 800-249-3178

Lake Vermilion 2012 Opener @ Everett Bay Lodge

  Perfect weather and a walleye bite that got better as the day went on  made for a very nice weekend.  While some of the “popular” opener spots were a bit less productive, several boats had good success fishing the mud flats with minnows in depths ranging from 15 to 35 feet.  Fish in the 16 to 17.5 inch range brought lots of smiles, with a report of a 6:30 p.m. outing producing a limit in a 1/2 hour.    Several walleyes… Read More »

DNR Fish Survey Report

Just got the DNR report last Thursday and it looks really good for walleye, smallies and muskie especially on the east end of the lake. The walleye lift numbers are back up from last year’s reported 12 (which is average) to 17 walleyes per lift which is pretty great. Expect a great walleye year as a result. May your pole always be bent! Dave

Ice Is On

2011-12-16 There are reports of good ice on the lake. However, I heard Cliff, the guide, went down in 5 ft. of water on his ATV. He got out ok.  Please be careful out there. Ace reports there is 9-10 inches of ice over in the McKinley Park area and the walleye bite has been pretty good. Not much snow yet for the middle of December. Though little snow helps for good ice making. If a trip north is in… Read More »

So Easy a Caveman Can Do It

2011-09-10 Walleyes continue to be caught with shad raps on breaklines in 15-18 feet. Most in the 14-16 inch range. Great for the table. My wife texted a friend while we were getting doubles the title above. The bite has been wonderful for several weeks now. Slowed a little on days that have been in the eighties and dead flat calm, but otherwise has been real consistent.The weather has remained very pleasant. The water is down a lot over the… Read More »

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