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Lake Vermilion June fishing wraps up – Lake Vermilion July 4th Festivities

Lake Vermilion June fishing wraps up with a focus on walleyes and a loud “yes” to the most common question – “Have the mayflies hatched yet?” While it was probably and hopefully the worst weather week of the season as rain put a damper on most days, several cabins got out in the sloppy conditions and were rewarded for their effort.  The Trapp crew from Indiana shared the picture above of some perfect eaters they caught as well as others… Read More »

Lake Vermilion Lodging – last minute opening

Lake Vermilion Lodging – last minute opening.  2 bedroom cabin available beginning this Thursday, June 29th for 4 nights.  Call us for details.

Lake Vermilion June Bite

Lake Vermilion June bite continues to produce both large and skillet perfect fish.  Many returning guests found this past week to be very good, with a variety of species caught.  The Graczyk crew caught over 100 northerns and at least twice that many bass, and added walleyes for the skillet to the mix as well.  Tim Magee caught and released the northern shown below, and while he primarily fishes for smallies, he and his boat partner ate plenty of walleyes… Read More »

Lake Vermilion fishing

Lake Vermilion fishing was a little more inconsistent this past week —- just like the weather.   While several cabins did okay, things were not as easy as others would have liked.  In short, the shallow bite continues to be the most consistent, and it doesn’t matter if you slip bobber during the day or troll crankbaits shallow in the evening. Some smallmouth bass guys caught limits of eater walleyes on several outings, and had to work a little harder… Read More »

Lake Vermilion offering up mixed bags of fish this week.

Lake Vermilion is offering up a mixed bag of fish this week as our guests have caught just about every species the lake holds.  From the 22″ Largemouth Bass Jake Short caught & released to the limits of beautiful blue gills cleaned for a fish fry, it has been a week of variety.  While many different methods produced limits of walleyes, “shallow” would be the word to describe the most productive locations.  After our chores were finished and all guests… Read More »

Lake Vermilion early June bite

The Lake Vermilion early June bite has been a little more inconsistent, with those who find the biting fish doing pretty well while other boats have had to work a bit harder.  Guests described some of those outings when it seems like they are going to struggle, only to have a flurry of activity that rewards them for their patience.  While several guests reported eating fish and taking their limits home too, the bite seemed a little tougher than the… Read More »

Lake Vermilion June Cabin opening

Lake Vermilion June cabin opening for the week of June 10th.  Lakefront 2 bedroom with a screened porch.  Entire month is full except for this cancellation opening.  Call for details.  218-753-5115. Stop wishing….Come fishing!

Lake Vermilion late May fishing news

  Lake Vermilion late May fishing has continued to produce many limits for the skillet. The week started out with some first time Lake Vermilion guests settling in and eventually finding the walleyes more than cooperative.  The Tinsley guys weathered some pretty lousy conditions but with rain gear and boots they got the hang of the lake and were nothing but smiles.  A quick jaunt out for Dave & Val found them out and back with their two limits in… Read More »

Strong Lake Vermilion walleye fishing continues.

Strong Lake Vermilion walleye fishing continues, although the weather has been less than pleasant at times.  With many 2nd weekend of the season returning guests, plenty of fish were caught, cleaned, eaten, released — and limits were taken home.   We were happy to welcome a few cabins of first-timers to our resort as well, and they too got in on the walleye action. Walleyes were caught both shallow and deep, and while minnows were the bait of choice, there… Read More »

Everett Bay Lodge guests win 2017 City Auto Glass Walleye Classic on Lake Vermilion

  Congratulations to Everett Bay Lodge guests Dan & Jake Doherty on claiming the big prize in the 2017 City Auto Glass Walleye Classic on Lake Vermilion yesterday.   Although the morning started out slow for the pair, Dan’s 31 1/8″ 10.2 lb walleye sealed the deal.  It was a true team effort as Jake landed the big fish in a new net he won at the tournament banquet the night before!  Dan commented that his usual old net might… Read More »

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